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Force or Fear Makes Turns Burbank Burglaries Into Robberies

Three teens turned bad to worse when they forced their way into two residences in Burbank, California, scaring away the residents and stealing personal property they found in the home. Burbank police said that two of the teens were 18 years old and one was 17. An uncle of one of the teens was also arrested as an accessory after the fact.

Residential burglary occurs when one enters a residence where someone lives and takes property with the intent to keep it. By contrast, a robbery is the taking away of personal property from the person of another through the use of force or fear.

In this case in Burbank, the teens appear to have scared the home residents enough to cause them to flee their own house and seek shelter or help elsewhere and leave the would be thieves to pillage from the home.

The adult suspects have dates to appear in court in Burbank and are out on bail of $100,000.00. The juvenile suspect was released to her mother and will either appear in juvenile court in Pasadena or be charged as an adult and appear in court in Burbank with the others.

As for the uncle of the teenage suspect, he is charged as an accessory and bail was set in the same amount as the principle offenders. In order to be found guilty as an accessory, after the fact, the prosecution must prove that the defendant knew about the unlawful actions of the robber and specifically intended to conceal this person from law enforcement.

The Burbank police are asking for help from anyone who may have information about these crimes. This means they suspect there are other victims out there.

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