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Finding Competent Attorneys in Your Area

Do you need or do you know someone who needs to find an attorney in their area? One of the best ways to find an attorney is by referral. If you are looking for a lawyer in a field other than criminal defense, or if you are looking for a lawyer outside of Southern California, feel free to call me or send me an email and I will do my best to help you. Because I have been practicing law in Southern California for over 15 years, I have a lot of resources and contacts to find quality lawyers and other related professionals in a variety of practice areas and locations throughout the state and country.

If you are looking for a veteran criminal defense and DUI defense attorney, please call me for a free, confidential consultation regarding your case. I will meet with you in person, evaluate the facts of your case and give you my opinion as to a likely outcome as well as answer any questions you have about the criminal justice system. Whether your case is a minor traffic matter, DUI or serious felony, call me or email me. As a criminal defense lawyer I have handled cases from special circumstances murder to traffic tickets and everywhere in the middle. I have successfully defended Driving under the influence cases from first offenses to gross vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated. No matter what the charges, every set of facts is different, and every set of facts needs a lawyer who has the experience and ability to formulate the best arguments for your case.

Also, if you already have a lawyer and would like a second opinion, please call me or email me for a free case evaluation. If you are not happy with your present lawyer, it may be possible for you to hire a new lawyer of your choosing. But, please do not wait until after your case is over. You must call before it is too late. sometimes a new set of eyes is just what your case needs. A fresh approach may be the difference between winning and losing.

If you want to check on the license status of your lawyer or if he or she has been in trouble with the Bar, you can easily look them up. If you want a referral to a lawyer in your community, most counties have lawyer referral services that can be good resource tools. However, nothing beats a referral from another lawyer or a client who has used the lawyer’s services in the past.

For example, I highly recommend C.W. Sellers, Private Investigator in Ceres, California. C.W. and his team did great work for me a couple years ago and I would recommend him highly to someone looking for a P.I. in Central or Northern California. You can find C.W. online at

For cases close to home I rely on Don Tabak, a retired LAPD robbery homicide detective who doesn’t just get the job done, Don is in it to win. We have had many great successes together and will continue to fight for justice for many years to come. For more information on Don please call me.

For questions about immigration law I highly recommend Isaul Verdin in Dallas, Texas. You can find Mr. Verdin Captain Verdin and I became friends when he was a JAG prosecutor at the Fort Irwin Military Reservation just outside Barstow, California. He has since retired from active duty and opened his own, very successful law practice. Whenever I have questions about immigration consequences of criminal defendants, I call Captain Verdin.

For help with Worker’s Compensation issues, I recommend Robert Pearman in Van Nuys, California. Robert and his father, Kim, are true professionals. I often find Robert in his office on Saturdays and even Sundays preparing cases for trial and working hard to achieve monumental settlements for his client. Robert recently settled a case that I referred to him for $500,000. The client called me with a complaint of a stressful environment at her workplace. I asked her to called Robert. I never heard another word about the case until I saw Robert about a year later. He had settled the claim for half a million. Not a bad day.

For serious medical malpractice I have another good friend here in the Los Angeles area. A veteran in his field, he has achieved verdicts and settlements amounting to millions and millions of dollars. Medical malpractice cases require well-funded and well trained lawyers who have the resources to litigate your case to a hard fought victory. Call me for more information.

For injury cases ranging from minor traffic accidents to major injuries and death cases, please call me for a case evaluation and a referral to a local lawyer who has expertise in your area of need. Many personal injury lawyers are only in it for a quick, small settlement. the lawyer you need is the lawyer who will not take your case unless he is willing and able to litigate your case to end.

I was also a member of an international business networking group called LeTip. They have a business network that spans the entire nation and into Canada as well. You can find them online at, or contact me at your convenience.

For questions about any criminal defense, DUI or traffic matter, or for a referral to a lawyer in another area of law or in another geographic location.

or call me at: (888) 764-4340 or (818) 783-5700 or email me at: