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Fill Your Prescriptions Somewhere Other Than Anaheim

Orange County Judge David Chaffee just ruled that Anaheim is within the law when it bans all medical marijuana dispensaries in it’s city. In a hotly contested ruling, a Superior Court judge in Orange County just sent the dispensaries packing – or at least moving – outside the city of Anaheim.

Attorney Anthony Curiale, who represents the Qualified Patients Association, says his client, who runs a marijuana dispensary is going to appeal. Curiale goes on to state the the city ordinance is unconstitutional and conflicts with state law.

Paul Chabot of the Coalition for a Drug Free California indicated that he was excited about the ruling. He goes on to state that Anaheim will be joining the majority of California cities who are presently banning dispensaries.

From where I sit, I think Mr. Chabot has his hat on too tight. The great State of California recently made simple possession of under an ounce of marijuana an infraction, this means it is no worse than a traffic ticket. The Attorney General has published guidelines on how much pot one can possess and how many plants one can grow with a valid medical prescription.

Isn’t it time to set up dispensaries, regulate and tax them and let the cities or counties or the state reap the benefits of doing what likely should have been done years ago?

According to local media, approximately 50 dispensaries are still operating in Anaheim, even after the ban. Who is losing out here?

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