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Fake Condoms, Barbie Dolls and Purses Can Mean Prison and Heavy Fines

Prosecutors in New York just sent a Chinese born American citizen to federal prison for 37 months for importing and selling millions of dollars worth of counterfeit Trojan brand condoms. 4.3 million counterfeit condoms were recovered in the 6 year investigation which lead to the conviction. Prosecutors indicated that condoms were tested and found to be defective and leak, burst or otherwise not be spermicidally lubricated as the authentic version should be. Court documents indicate that condoms were imported from China and packaged under several different names in the Trojan line. The products were then sold as authentic to both wholesale and retail merchants in several different locations.

Attorneys for Jian “Jimmy” Wang (of course) asked the judge to give his client probation. The federal judge imposed the maximum sentence under the federal sentencing guideline. The guideline is a recommendation to the judge and, although no longer mandatory to be followed by judges, is normally given close consideration by judges before sentencing.

Jimmy was also ordered to pay huge fines and will not be allowed to work in the import/export business after he is released from jail on parole.

This investigation also lead to the arrest and prosecution of several other counterfeiters of other goods including Barbie Dolls and expensive purses. Other defendants are awaiting sentencing and one has fled the country and is thought to be on the run in China.

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