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Ex NBA Star Gilbert Arenas Arrested With Load of Illegal Fireworks

Former NBA star Gilbert Arenas was in trouble with the law, again, after getting pulled over by CHP for speeding at 2:30 in the morning. Officers discovered Arenas was driving on a suspended license and then searched his truck to find a bed full of illegal fireworks which were promptly confiscated by the cops. The moral to this story might be: Don’t get caught speeding at 2:30 a.m. while on a suspended license if you have a truckload of illegal fireworks with you.

Arenas was issued a citation to appear in court after the LAPD bomb squad came out and gave the o.k. to release Arenas with only a citation. Arenas will likely face only misdemeanor charges for his license and the fireworks.

Please note that fireworks, even the “safe and sane” type are generally illegal in most of Los Angeles and Ventura. Some unincorporated areas allow the fireworks, but be careful purchasing fireworks in a place where they are legal and driving them somewhere that they are not. Don’t even be surprised if undercover police officers follow you toward your home after you purchase fireworks in a place where you do not live.

Good luck Gilbert, I hope you are getting paid well in the Chinese professional basketball league.

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