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DUI Arrests over a hot Labor Day Weekend

DUI Arrests over a hot Labor Day Weekend

We’ve been sheltering at home, working from home, and wearing masks. Well all of us except the president.  We’ve had vacations cancelled, campground closed, rental houses shut down and we are getting tired.  We’re tired of being stuck inside, tired of wearing masks, and we NEED to get out.

Things are starting to open up.  Restaurants are serving meals on their patios.  Wineries are open for outdoor service.  Beer, wine and alcohol delivery service and “to-go” service is available as we have never seen it before.

This weekend we have record breaking heat.  We have put up with this crap long enough and we Need to get out.  But please be smart.  Keep your distance from others.  Wear your masks when not eating or drinking.  And most importantly to this article, don’t drive.  Uber and Lyft are still out there.  The ability to get alcohol “to-go” or delivered is unprecedented.

Don’t give the prick cops the opportunity to arrest you.  If you don’t drive, you can’t get arrested for DUI.  It’s just that simple.  Please remember, that we are all frustrated right now.  We are all very much like my 14 year old son who hasn’t seen a living 14 year old girl in months.  We are ready to explode.  Please don’t let your hormones or other desires cloud your good judgment.

DUI is still the number one prosecuted crime in California.  And, although arrests are down significantly this year, they are still being made.  Local, County and State police agencies are still out there on the prowl.  Don’t give the pricks the satisfaction of taking you to jail.  Have a plan before you go out.  Don’t drive.  Remember that alcohol impairs our judgment.  After we have been drinking, we make bad decisions.  We’ve all done it.  Let’s learn from our past mistakes and formulate a plan.  Take an Uber or Lift.  Drink at home.

The cul-de-sac on my street is a great place to be socially distant, see other people, and safely have a glass of wine (maybe two).  Another benefit is that my BBQ is close by, as is my pool.  This is all I need to stay, happy, well fed, hydrated and most importantly, out of jail.

DUI’s are expensive.  They are embarrassing.  They can cost us our jobs, and even our liberty.  Insurance rates go up for at least three years.  And this is assuming nothing tragic happens.  DUI causing injury means a mandatory loss of driver’s license and mandatory jail time.

This Labor Day please beat the heat and the cops.  Stay home, stay vigilant, and stay out of jail.  And, if you do plan to go out drinking please plan ahead how you will get home safely.  Stay cool, stay safe and have a great Labor Day weekend!

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