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Don’t Steal Watches Equipped with GPS Tracking Devices

Ten men were arrested yesterday after what police describe as a movie-like robbery in the Korea Town area of Los Angeles. The men stormed into a jewelry store armed with guns and sledge hammers. They men quickly and methodically shattered the glass display cases and stole what was described as hundreds of expensive watches.

Unfortunately for the robbers, at least one of the watches was equipped with a GPS tracking device. I’m not sure if the GPS tracking is to prevent theft or catch cheating spouses, but it worked out for the store owner in this case. Police followed the tracking device and found two men suspected of committing the crime along with several hundred designer watches, sledgehammers and guns which were allegedly used in the robbery.

The sledgehammer robbers are now looking at some really hard time. This is not simply a large theft it is a robbery which is a much more serious crime. Robbery involves theft with the additional element of force or fear. When we add a gun into the mix it becomes even more serious. Robbery with a gun in California carries a minimum of 12 years in prison, a minimum of 2 years for the robbery and an additional 10 years for the use of the gun during the robbery. And this is just low term so it could be much worse. If either these fellows has been in trouble before, those numbers could skyrocket.

I wonder how many of those watches were equipped with GPS devices? These guys will likely spend a long time pondering that question too.

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