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Don’t Run People Over With Your Car

It may seem like common sense, but we really shouldn’t run people over with our cars. Unfortunately there seems to be a lot of this going around lately and not just by Suge Knight. Using a car as a weapon is often a crime. This type of conduct would normally be charged as Assault With a Deadly Weapon under California’s Penal Code Section 245. It could even be consideredattempted murder or even worse if someone dies. There is only a legal defense if you are using reasonable and necessary force to defend yourself or another from an immediate threat.

Furthermore, if you hit someone and flee the scene afterward, you could be charged with felony hit and run causing injury – California Vehicle Code Section 20001. If there is serious injury, you could face years in prison. Also, fleeing the scene of an accident tends to make us look guilty, even if we are not. In the legal field it is what we call “consciousness of guilt”. If the jury hears that you left the scene of a crime and you did this because you knew you were guilty they could actually hold this against you in trial. Remember, the law requires anyone involved in a traffic accident causing property damage or injury to stick around, identify ourselves and, if necessary, call for help.

In recent news, 25 year old Amir Bass allegedly hit his girlfriend’s mother with his car, killing her, after an argument with her daughter. Sheriff’s deputies arrested Bass yesterday on charges of ADW and Bass was said to have fled the scene after the incident which could give rise to additional charges. Deputies found Bass and his vehicle shortly after the incident and are investigating the tragic incident. Bass’ girlfriend was treated and released at a local hospital. Bass was initially arrested on murder charges. Those charges were later downgraded to Assault With a Deadly Weapon.

Please remember that Amir Bass, Suge Knight and all others in this country are presumed innocent unless and until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt in court. Always exercise your constitutional right to remain silent when contacted by law enforcement. And finally, do not simply remain silent, but affirmatively assert your right to an attorney. Remember these words: “I want to talk to my lawyer”. Because it is so important, I think I will say it again: “I want to talk to my lawyer”. You can even get fancy and say: “I want to talk to my attorney”. Whatever you say, just don’t talk to the cops without your lawyer present.

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