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Don’t Miss Work and Don’t Go To Court

Not every case result can be spectacular.  However, I can perform a valuable service for each and every client.

Today I went to court for RC.  He had a DUI in the South bay and he blew breath results of .14 and .15.  RC was pulled over for making an illegal turn and weaving.  His breathalyzer machine was in proper working order.  I am sorry to say I was not able to get the charge dismissed, but I was still able to help my client out a great deal.

RC owns and operates his own business.  He works six days a week and going to court would cost him thousands of dollars.  I was able to go to court for RC, settle his case, get him referred to a drinking driver program and he never missed a moment of work and never set foot in a courtroom.  Likewise, I will file his proof of enrollment in the drinking driver program, and then proof of completion and pay his fine for him.

This service saved my client thousands of dollars by not having to miss work.  This also helped my client avoid a violation of probation or an arrest for driving on a suspended license.

By not missing three days of work RC earned enough money to pay my fees and his court fine.  That’s what I call a good service to my client