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Domestic Violence Cases Are on the Rise

Domestic Violence is on the Rise

Domestic violence is on the rise. It appears to be another negative biproduct of the pandemic. Normally, in my business, we hear about domestic violence cases on the rise about Thanksgiving time and they stay up in numbers through the new year. This reoccurring phenomenon seems to have two main triggers. First, the holiday times generally means there is a lot of time with family. There is often a great deal of vacation taken and a lot time spent in the home with relatives and friends. Next, there is traditionally more alcohol consumption around the holidays. I’m not sure if that has to do with too much time with family, but whether it does or not, it seems to be something like throwing gasoline into a fire.

So how do we avoid the spike in domestic violence during an emergency? Practice stress relieving techniques. Sleep, exercise, eat healthy and do your best to get outside in a safe and appropriate manner. Avoid excess alcohol consumption. At my house we are walking every morning. Today we even walked in the rain. We are cooking like never before. Tomorrow my new yeast should be ready to try out my bread-making skills. In your home, do what works to keep the stress down and keep the cops away. Don’t give the cops a reason to contact you. They are not looking to make arrests right now. But they will respond to 911 calls and make arrests when they have to.

What do you do if you or a loved one have been arrested for domestic violence? If you or someone you know is arrested, call a lawyer who knows how to handle such situations. We will talk about how to get the loved one home as quickly as possible. If a bail bond needs to be posted, we can help with that too. We can talk about what to do before court, reaching out to the appropriate prosecutor and anything else that needs to be handled.

There are many ways to avoid a conviction for domestic violence and there are likewise many ways to get domestic violence charges reduced. Before you talk to the police, before you google what to do when your arrested, call a lawyer who has been doing this since before “google” was a verb.

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