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Doctor gets 5 years for slamming on brakes in front of bikes

I couldn’t help but notice the LA Times today which had a long article about the Doctor in LA who pulled in front of two bikes and slammed on his brakes.  He just got sentenced to 5 years in state prison.  That’s gonna suck.  I would rather share the road with a couple bicycles than share a cell with a guy named Bubba.  Maybe the doctor, and many of us for that matter, can learn a lesson from my 3 year old boy.  “Take a deep breath and count to ten”.  I don’t care what the bikes were doing (and I’d bet money they were doing something they shouldn’t have), that still does not justify the doctor’s actions.

So to the doctor I say, take a pill, a deep breath, count to ten or do whatever it takes to keep your cool.

To the bike riders out there I say, you guys need to share the road too, obey the traffic laws and I would bet you will piss off fewer drivers.  Incidentally, it has been a while, but I used to ride a couple hundred miles a month in college, and I know I did a few things I shouldn’t have.