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Defense Attorney Busted at Criminal Court Building

Beverly Hills attorney Michael Inman was arrested yesterday after he allegedly brought heroin and methamphetamine into a courthouse lockup facility in downtown Los Angeles.  Inman was held for felony charges and bail was set at $190,000.

The location of the arrest which is within the Clara Shortridge Foltz Criminal Justice Center, or CCB as it has been known for years, houses hundreds of inmates who are attending court hearings in the massive courthouse.  Sheriff’s officials say that a drug dog that was there to check inmates for narcotics alerted on Mr. Inman after which Inman was found to be in possession of black tar heroin and methamphetamine.

State Bar records indicate this may not be the first time Mr. Inman has had a problem with narcotics.  The State Bar of California has more than one program for lawyers who have trouble with drugs or alcohol.  The Bar encourages participation in the programs and information for lawyers and family of lawyers can be found on the State Bar website.

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