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County Assessor John Noguez Bails Out…Finally

The Los Angeles County Tax Assessor who was arrested months ago on charges of corruption and fraud was finally able to post bail with the help of friends, a competent bail bondsman and a a great deal of patience. John Noguez was in custody after a judge set bail at over 1million dollars. This means that Noguez would need to put up one million dollars to secure his release or he could pay a bail bondsman a fee of ten percent and the bondsman would post the million dollar bond to secure Noguez’ release.

Not so fast said a Los Angeles Superior Court judge. There is a Penal Code Section 1275 hold on the bail. Under California law, a District Attorney can request or a judge can declare that the defendant in a criminal case (usually a drug or theft case) must prove the legitimate source of the bail money before he will be allowed to post bail. Noguez and his bondsman Morris Demayo of Creative Bail Bonds in Van Nuys, California have been trying to convince the judge and district attorney that the money wasn’t funny for months now. At long last they have succeeded and Noguez is out on bail.

According to Creative’s owner Nathan Benenfeld, “Morris and I worked very hard to get this bond posted”. Having appeared in court on multiple occasions Benenefeld and Demayo were relieved to finally have the bond posted and get paid for all of their hard work. Now they just have to make sure Noguez makes all of his court appearances or they are on the hook for over one million dollars. Please don’t skip town John.

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