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Convicted Murderer Seeks Death by Firing Squad

Convicted murderer Ronnie Lee Gardner is facing the death penalty in an Utah state prison. He is asking that his death sentence be by way of a firing squad. I had a few questions after hearing this story. What country are we in anyway? And what type of person makes up the firing squad? In 2010, even in Utah, what sick individual signs up for the job of firing squad member? Personally, I have never seen that entry on a job description: Member of firing squad. I have never been asked in a job interview: Would you be willing to be part of a firing squad? The squad members must be awfully bored the other 364 days of the year.

Back to the article: Gardner was convicted of murder and attempted murder after he tried to escape from court in 1985. He shot a lawyer and wounded a bailiff in the process. He was sentenced to death and initially chose firing squad as the method of death. He later changed his mind and sought death by lethal injection, but has come full circle and wants to be shot to death.