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Convicted Murderer Released After Judge Overturns Murder Conviction

The judge was very critical towards prosecutors in the case because they failed to disclose to the jury that they made a deal with their main witness. The witness, John Jones agreed to testify in order to get a lighter sentence on his charges of pimping and pandering. Jones also testified against a co-defendant, Reggie Cole, who was releases months ago after his conviction was overturned on appeal.

The District Attorney’s Office has not decided whether or not they will attempt a re-trial of Anthony’s case. I think they might want to consider the trial testimony of Mr. Jones before they make their decision. Jones testified at trial that he did not receive any special treatment in his case in exchange for his testimony. Deputy District Attorney Scott Collins insisted to the media that this was not misinformation, and went on to say that Jones was merely being rewarded for cooperating with law enforcement in helping to solve a homicide. Either way, I say the District Attorney has the obligation, both moral and ethical, to seek justice and to tell the jury the truth.

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