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CHP seizes 2000 Pounds of Pot in Van Headed to Las Vegas

I missed this article last week, so I will talk about it today because this is a lot of marijuana.

California Highway Patrol officers in the Imperial Valley pulled over a Chevy Van that they said was weaving as it drove north on Highway 86. After pulling over the van, officers found a 30 year old man from Las Vegas who was allegedly heading home – with 2000 pounds of marijuana in his van. That’s a ton for those who aren’t that good at math — An actual ton.

According to the Los Angeles Times, officers had to call out a canine to come and sniff out the marijuana. This is funny. I could probably have smelled that marijuana from inside my office in Sherman Oaks, and the windows don’t even open.

Mr. Meza was arrested and officers with a county wide drug task force are investigating the seizure. CHP officers indicated in their press release that it was a lot of marijuana. Officers indicated that normally, a roadside seizure of this type yields about 50 pounds of pot. It’s gonna be hard to make an argument that this much pot was for personal use.

Imperial County is considered by law enforcement to be a High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area. That’s a cop acronym for “We need federal money to combat drugs here.” The County Sheriff has started a drug enforcement crew in association with the Federal Drug Enforcement Administration and other agencies to help route out the drug problem in the county.

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