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Car Wash Owners Learn That City Attorneys Play Hard Ball

Two Los Angeles area car wash owners were just sentenced to a year in the Los Angeles County Jail and will have to pay hundreds of thousands in fines after they were convicted of multiple criminal counts of theft, conspiracy, and labor code violations.  Additionally, brothers Benny and Nissan Pirian must keep their books up to date and open for inspection by local, state and federal agencies.

The Pirian brothers were charged with over 170 criminal charges stemming from their treatment of car wash employees.  Evidence indicates that employees were ordered to come in early, stay late, denied breaks and rest all in violation of a variety of state laws.  Employees were paid far less than required minimum wages and in some cases forced to work only for tips and no wages at all.

The brothers own four Los Angeles area car washes around the City of Los Angeles.  Three Deputy City Attorney’s from a special neighborhood prosecution unit were handling the cases.

As part of the agreement, the car wash owners will also have to pay restitution to the employees for back wages and other out of pocket expenses they may have suffered.  Costs of the investigation could also be assessed.  That’s a lot of ash tray coins!

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