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Botched Hi-Jack Attempt Yields 12 Tons of Pot

Tustin police officers recently stumbled upon 24,000 pounds (that’s right) of marijuana after the driver of a big rig truck called 911 telling the operator that he thought he was being hi-jacked. The truck driver said that two men in a van tried to pull him over and flashed some sort of badge. The driver said the men looked a little shady so instead of pulling over he pulled into the parking lot of a business and called the police. Tustin police officers arrived to find the attempted robbers gone upon their arrival. Further investigation revealed about 12 tons of marijuana secreted in boxes labeled to be electronic devices. The commercial truck was headed from San Diego to a business in Tustin, California. The driver was not arrested and was not believed to have had any knowledge of the illegal nature of his haul.

Tustin police detective Haug is seeking any known information about the hi-jackers – which normally means they have no information about the suspects. Police estimate the value of the drugs to be over $7 million.

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