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Bicyclist Kills Pedestrian Charged With Felony Manslaughter

The San Francisco bicyclist traveling at least 30 mile per hour who failed to stop at an intersection and struck a pedestrian will be tried for felony manslaughter. The pedestrian, Sutchi Hui, a 71 year old man was walking across the street with his wife. He died in the hospital four days later as a result of his injuries.

Prosecutors for the San Francisco District Attorney’s Office decided to charge the case as a felony believing witness statements that the rider, Chris Bucchere had run two red lights and one stop sign prior to getting to the intersection. Bucchere told law enforcement he was unable to stop. Prosecutors obtained Bucchere’s blog entry which was said to influence their filing decision. The blog in part said: “I wrecked on the way home today from the biweekly Headlands Raid today. Short story: I’m fine. The pedestrian I clobbered? Not so much.”…”In closing, I want to dedicate this story to my late helmet.”

What a jackass.

Bucchere said he was unable to stop and aimed for the least populated part of the intersection as he went through the red light into pedestrian traffic. I suppose it’s good that he only hit one pedestrian. It seems that the District Attorney interpreted Bucchere’s blog statement as being as callous as it sounds and decided to file felony manslaughter chargers. At the recent preliminary hearing or probable cause determination in the case, the presiding judge agreed with the D.A.’s office and determined there was enough evidence for Bucchere to face trial on felony charges.

In closing, I want to dedicate this blog to Ernesto Miranda. We have the right to remain silent. Let’s use it. Silence in this case would likely have been the difference between being charged with a misdemeanor and a felony.