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Bath Salts and Marijuana Dispensaries Don’t Mix

Three men were arrested in Ventura County after an extensive undercover operation led police to believe a couple of local medical marijuana dispensaries were selling illegal “bath salts”. Bath salts, as they have become known are said to be a manufactured drug that has a composition similar to methamphetamine and offers some psychedelic effects to its user. The drugs were allegedly being sold right out of the dispensary without any need for a prescription or other medical recommendation.

Ventura County District Attorney Greg Totten went public this week after his office and local law enforcement completed their investigation. Totten warned the public about the dangers of bath salts. Totten’s statement went on to say that even one use of these dangerous drugs could cause… “brain damage and even death.” Totten described the drugs as having enticing sounding names and being packaged in attractive wrappers that did not suggest the potential harm of the product inside.

Deputy District Attorney Blake Heller, who was recently transferred into the drug prosecution unit at the D.A.’s office will be heading up the prosecution of these alleged dealers. Of the three men arrested, two are from Ventura County and the other, who was described as the distributor, was arrested in the state of Utah.

D.A. Heller, who also made a statement to the press this week, indicated that it is the policy of Ventura County to continue to prosecute violators for making, selling and illegal drugs and their analogs. Further, the Sheriff’s Department in Ventura County has implemented a “zero tolerance” policy on bath salts and is continuing to use technology to make advances in their investigation and arrest of suspected dealers of this dangerous and illegal substance which is often bought over the counter or online.

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