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Another DUI Checkpoint in Ventura County

Another pair of weekend DUI checkpoints were conducted starting last night and running through early this morning in Ventura County. Funded by a grant paid for by the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration, the two separate checkpoints yielded a total of one, yes one, DUI arrest in about 6 hours of operational time. Countless man hours were put into the two checkpoints which were staffed by officers and cadets from the Ventura Police Department.

Officers associated with the checkpoints indicated that another 5 people were arrested for not having valid driver’s licenses or driving while their licenses were suspended or revoked. Another person was arrested for having illegal drugs.

If you were arrested for DUI or driving with a suspended license, you could face jail time, fines and other punishment. If it’s not your first offense or you were on probation at the time, it will likely be much worse.

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