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Another California Politician Indicted

California Senator Roderick Wright from Los Angeles County was just indicted on charges of perjury and voter fraud stemming from his Senatorial race and voter registration in 2007.  He also is alleged to have voted fraudulently in 5 subsequent elections as well.

At least we know he is out there voting.  Also, it seems that his co-workers in politics have nothing but good things to say about his work as a politician.

The LA Times reports he was indicted by a grand jury and is facing multiple felony charges based upon signing documents under penalty of perjury which say he lives in his senatorial district when he really does not.

I did a quick internet search and found what appears to be a residence with utilities in his name located in Inglewood, California — where he is supposed to be living to hold his office.

Apparently the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office got a tip about a year ago that Wright was living outside of his district and has investigated the tip and presented the facts of their investigation to the grand jury.  This case appears to be prosecuted by the district attorney’s public integrity division that has prosecuted many such public figures since District Attorney Steve Cooley took office.

My thoughts are that if the DA’s office did not have some concrete evidence against Wright, they would not be prosecuting this case.  Mr. Wright’s attorney, Winston Kevin Mckesson, was quoted as saying his client complied fully with the law.  I hope Mr. Mckesson is right, because a felony conviction would bar a person from ever holding public office again.  I might be a bit nervous if I were Mr. Wright.

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