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Angry and Arrested for Burglary in Hollywood

Los Angeles Police arrested a man in Hollywood Tuesday after he (allegedly) smashed the window of a police car, stole a computer and walked away. The incident took place about one in the afternoon in the area of Hollywood Boulevard and Highland. Multiple witnesses saw the incident and at least one videotaped the man in his brazen daytime activities.

The suspect was described as “very angry” as he took what appeared to be a metal pipe and smashed the window of the unoccupied police car. The man, who was not identified by police, was arrested shortly thereafter and faces charges of auto burglary, vandalism and grand theft.

The suspect will likely be arraigned today at the Criminal Courts Building in Downtown Los Angeles. He will be held in custody pending the outcome of his case unless he posts bail. He faces up to three years in prison for burglary and grand theft. The vandalism is likely to be a misdemeanor based upon the value of the broken window. He could also have his driver’s license suspended for a conviction of vandalism.

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