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Amnesty for Unpaid Traffic Tickets in Los Angeles County Superior Court

The Superior Court for the County of Los Angeles will begin an amnesty program where offenders can get their traffic ticket fines cut in half. Any person when had a traffic ticket fine that was due on or before January 1, 2009, will have six months to pay their new, reduced fine. This will be a 50% reduction in the total fine amount.

If you or someone you know has failed to pay a traffic ticket, this may be the best deal you will get for a long time. If your ticket was due on or before January 1, 2009, please contact the Los Angeles Superior Court location where your ticket was issued and make arrangements to pay your reduced fine amount.

Everyone should be aware that by paying the fine, you will be found guilty of the underlying offense and may suffer consequences such as points on your driving record or other sanctions. However, if you have failed to appear in court two times and are unable to release the hold on your driver’s license, you now will get a big break.

If you still wish to have your day in court and/or you want to go to trial, you may get a different kind of break. If your ticket is from two or more years ago, it is often difficult to prosecute this old. Most officers will not have any recollection of the offense from two years ago. If this is the case and your ticket is set for trial, it could be dismissed. Then, we are only left with the collections fees or civil assessment and the failure to appear. The benefit of this is that neither failure to appear, nor civil assessment carries points for DMV purposes.

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