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A Dark Night for the Black Sabbath Motorcycle Club

The Black Sabbath Motorcycle Club President was killed in a drive by shooting late Friday night. Clyde Major Thompson Jr., also known as Wild Dogg, 51, was repairing a motorcycle at the club’s San Diego clubhouse, when he was gunned down. The shooter is described as a young black man wearing a black hooded jacket and black shirt. The motive is unclear. Police are searching for the suspect.

The Black Sabbath Motorcycle club formed in 1972 by seven African American men who liked to ride motorcycles on Sundays. San Diego is considered the “mother chapter”. Since forming the club has become a multicultural group of men and women and has chapters across the nation including chapters in San Bernardino and Las Vegas.

As of yet, police in San Diego, California have little or no information regarding the motive of the shooting or the person who did it.

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