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$2,500 or More to Hire a Competent Criminal Defense Attorney

One of the first questions that a prospective client asks me is always about cost: How much will it cost to hire a criminal defense attorney like you?

My answer is always the same: I have an office policy minimum and I don’t get on any case for less than $2,500. The fees go up from there depending upon severity of the case, prior criminal history, court location and other factors.

Like all things in life there are exceptions to the rule. Driving on a suspended license cases or traffic tickets would likely cost less money. Likewise, there are reasons why some cases might cost more money: Prior convictions or probations violations; location of the offense; were there serious injuries involved; is the case going to trial are factors that might make a case cost more. Every case is truly different. Please call me to discuss the specific facts of your case.

If you talk to a lawyer (or his sales representative) that is more concerned about getting your credit card number than they are about your case, there might be a problem. If you talk to a lawyer who wants you to pay him before you ever meet him, there might be a problem. If your lawyer talks to you about pleading guilty before he talks to you about the facts of your case, there might be a problem. If the lawyer you call is not the lawyer you talk to or if the lawyer you hire is not the lawyer that shows up in court, there might be a problem.

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