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246 Arrested for DUI on Christmas Eve; 71 in Los Angeles

246 people were arrested for DUI in California on Christmas Eve.  71 of those were in Los Angeles.  To all of you and all of those who did not get caught I say:  Don’t drink and drive.

Please read my article on the costs of a DUI.

For those of you who were arrested, please talk to a lawyer about your situation.  Please read all the paperwork that you got the night of the arrest.  If you don’t understand it, ask a lawyer.  Please contact DMV within ten days of the arrest to set a hearing to prevent an automatic license suspension.  If you don’t know how to do this, ask a lawyer.

Please don’t miss your court dates.  Ignoring this problem will only make it worse.  If you are scared or don’t know what to do, ask a lawyer.

Also, remember, alcohol impairs our judgment and makes us do things we might not ordinarily do.  If you are going to be drinking, don’t drive.  Have a back-up plan.  Take a cab.  Chose a designated driver.  Walk.  Ride a bike.  Drink at home.

Happy holidays and be careful out there.  And, if you need legal help, call or send me an e-mail.