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"I thought the Bulletproof Vest Would Work" is not a Good Defense

"I thought the bulletproof vest would work" is not a good defense Friday night in Northern California 3 young men appear to have been extremely bored as one the men put on a "bullet proof vest" and another man shot him in the chest. Sadly the vest did not stop the bullet and ...

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  • One-Eyed Gang member Arrested for Panorama City Double Murder

    A one-eyed gang member whose street name is "Winky" was arrested yesterday after authorities linked him to a double murder in Panorama City, ...

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  • Body Found Buried in Compton Yard, Boyfriend Arrested for Murder

    A dead body was unearthed today in the backyard of a Compton, California home. Los Angeles County Sheriff's officers said the body was that of the ...

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  • Los Angeles Man Arrested for Murder of 1 Year Old Baby

    A 32 year old (former) father was arrested yesterday after his one year old infant died at a local hospital as a result of head and neck injuries. ...

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  • Three charged in Killing Westlake Church Deacon Outside His Church

    Two more people were arrested and charged with the murder of a local church deacon after a shooting erupted outside the Westlake area church. One man ...

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  • Man sentenced after killing and dismembering young boy

    Levi Aron, 37, was sentenced to 40 years to life in prison after pleading guilty to kidnapping, killing and dismembering an 8 year old boy in a ...

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  • A Dark Night for the Black Sabbath Motorcycle Club

    The Black Sabbath Motorcycle Club President was killed in a drive by shooting late Friday night. Clyde Major Thompson Jr., also known as Wild Dogg, ...

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  • Suitcases Aren't Just for Luggage Anymore

    The body of a dead woman was found recently at a Poway, California motel room. The body was found stuffed into a three foot suitcase which was left in ...

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  • Finding the Right Criminal Defense Attorney in Los Angeles

    How do you find the right criminal defense lawyer in your community? You do what everyone else does when you want something: You sit in front of your ...

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  • Trial in Killing of Riverside Police Officer off to a Rough Start for the Defense

    Riverside Police officer Ryan Bonaminio was killed by gunshot wounds in November of 2010. The suspect int he crime, Earl Ellis began trial today. The ...

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