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"I thought the Bulletproof Vest Would Work" is not a Good Defense

"I thought the bulletproof vest would work" is not a good defense Friday night in Northern California 3 young men appear to have been extremely bored as one the men put on a "bullet proof vest" and another man shot him in the chest. Sadly the vest did not stop the bullet and ...

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  • Bicyclist Kills Pedestrian Charged With Felony Manslaughter

    The San Francisco bicyclist travelling at least 30 mile per hour who failed to stop at an intersection and struck a pedestrian will be tried for ...

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  • Riverside County Woman Gets 17 Years for DUI Crash Killing 3

    A Riverside County resident was just sentenced to 17 years in prison after pleading guilty to three counts of gross vehicular manslaughter resulting ...

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  • DUI Arrests in California Down But Deaths Were Up Over Holiday Weekend

    With the 2012 Thanksgiving weekend coming to a close the California Highway Patrol Reports that statewide Driving Under the Influence arrests were ...

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  • Finding the Right Criminal Defense Attorney in Los Angeles

    How do you find the right criminal defense lawyer in your community? You do what everyone else does when you want something: You sit in front of your ...

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  • Mistrial In Brandon McInerney Case

    Judge Charles Campbell declared a mistrial in the high profile murder trial of Brandon McInerney. A mistrial is declared for many different reasons, ...

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