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CHP Busts Long Beach Area Motorcycle Theft Ring

CHP Busts Long Beach Area Motorcycle Theft Ring

A two year undercover investigation by the California Highway Patrol led to the arrest of 51 people allegedly involved in a ring of motorcycles thefts, trafficking in stolen parts and other crimes. Operation Wheel Spin began as a social media project where it is common for motorcycle parts to be offered for sale. CHP officers on the case say that the plastic parts of motorcycles do not carry serial numbers as other metal parts do. These plastic parts can be sold without being traced back to their original owners.

The recent bust by the Calfiornia State police agencey recovered 110 stolen motorcycles and parts from 29 more. The arrests have triggered further investigations into San Bernardino County and even Las Vegas, Nevada. Police said parts were being sold to other counties and even out of the country.

The main group of players was said to have set up shop (or chop shop) in Long Beach, California. However investigators said other groups were set up in Santa Fe Springs and the San Fernando Valley. The shops primarily focused on parts from "sport bikes" made by Japanese manufacturers.

Police indicate there is high profit in the sale of stolen parts from sport bikes and owners should be careful about where they park, how they lock and generally keeping close tabs of their motorcycles. CHP also warns that if you are in the market for parts for your motorcycle, be careful of deals that seem "to good to be true". Police also warn people to be careful about leaving gifts or exposed items inside your car for fear of making yourself a victim of crime during the holidays.

Many people are unaware that the California Highway Patrol conducts undercover operations. The agency has investigators that work out of most of their stations. Their investigations often involve vehicles and vehicle related crimes like auto theft, and vehicle fraud.

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