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Parole Sweep Called

Parole Sweep Called "Operation Guardian" Nets 70 arrests in Los Angeles County

A joint task force of federal, state and local law enforcement just executed a parole sweep called "Operation Guardian" in Los Angeles County. The task force arrested 70 parolees and seized drugs, guns and found a bleeding parolee who officers took to the hospital to be treated for his wounds.

The sweep was described by law enforcement as the largest parole sweep of its kind in county history. Officers knocked on the doors of around 400 parolees in search of any type of violation. Common parole violations are possessing firearms, narcotics, other dangerous weapons or hanging around with people one was arrested with.

If a parolee is arrested for a potential violation of his parole he is entitled to a hearing to determine if his parole should be violated or not. Parolees have a right to be represented by an attorney at the hearing and may present evidence on their behalf. If found in violation of parole a parolee may spend up to a year in prison for each violation. Upon release from prison the parole term continues, normally for three years or until the parolee completes it successfully or the parole period is terminated early based upon the parolees success on parole.

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