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Outlaws Motorcycle Club Raided in Indianapolis

Outlaws Motorcycle Club Raided in Indianapolis

42 people were arrested yesterday as federal agents executed warrants on members of the Outlaws Motorcycle Club in Indianapolis, Indiana. Seized along with the members were dozens of guns, cash and several motorcycles. The arrests came after a lengthy indictement was filed against members of the Outlaws.

The indictment alleged activity such as drug trafficing, gambling, insurance fraud, money laundering, witness tampering and extortion. The charges were so widespread that every member of the Indianapolis Chapter of the Outlaws was arrested in the raids. In addition to Club members, club "associates", and several others were also arrested.

The investigation was said to have been ongoing for over one year. Authorities used various means to gain incriminating information including wire taps, undercover drug buys and having an officer pose as a victim who was allegedly extorted by Club members.

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