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Probation Sweep Results in 35 Arrests

Probation Sweep Results in 35 Arrests

A multi-jurisdictional task force arrested 35 people this week for weapons violations in Los Angeles County. The Los Angeles County Probation department in conjunction with the Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, U.S. Immigration, The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department and the Pasadena Police Department searched 158 probationers and their homes earlier this week. The officers found 23 firearms, drugs, and other contraband.

The Daily News reported that 250 law enforcement officials helped out in the sweep. Tony Bell, a spokesman for County Supervisor Michael Antonovich said that "this is one of the most cost-effective law enforcement programs that we have to protect the public safety..."This must be because Mr. Bell and Mr. Antonovich do not pay for the 250 officers involved in the sweep. It seems to me that when 250 police officers from local, county and federal agencies get together to search 158 probationers and their homes, they should come up with a lot more than 35 arrests. These officers must have had at least 1000 man hours in this undertaking which would amount to an actual expense in excess of $50,000.

The operation, entitled DISARM or Developing Increased Safety through Arms Reduction Management was developed by Antonovich in 2000 after a shooting at a Jewish Center in the North San Fernando Valley. It appears to have had greater success in earlier years.

This weeks search was spearheaded by the Probation Department and targeted probationers who were thought to have a history of possessing or using weapons to commit crimes of violence.

It should be noted that anyone in California who has been convicted of a felony is not allowed to own or possess a firearm or ammunition. This is a lifetime ban on both firearms and ammunition. Also, as a term and condition of being on probation, many people are not allowed to own firearms or ammunition as well as other dangerous or deadly weapons including knives or other weapons.

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